Yup !!! That’s me

A self-taught Artist who lives by the power of the internet,

Apart from sketching and Painting , I like photography also. I photograph everything. Well, almost everything 😉 . I find beauty and awe in simple, stupid things, and I love making simple, stupid things look beautiful and awesome. People in love, places that tell stories, moments that bring joy are some of these simple, stupid things. I love light; I love capturing it, creating it, and looking for meaning in its absence.

I am six feet something, Ahh ok !!! something minus, now fine ?? 😛 Yeah about more then six inches at least !!!!.  After graduation Six and half years , two jobs and one small business, I can happily say that nothing has changed. it has been just a shade more than 15 years since I picked up my first SLR Camera, just short of 12 years since I used computer for the first time, and slightly more than 17 years since I picked up a piece of paper n pencil to draw some sketches, portrait and more! The habit of reading novel came n went, I ditched the canvas n brushes to pick up the keyboard n mouse, flirting have come and gone, place of living have changed and I have gone from FAT to THIN to FAT to now slightly chubby but that single obsession of being Intrepid has been the one common factor in the conscious part of my life,

An Artist:
I was always influenced with fields ranging from poetry to painting. I believes that a single visual art work can bring out vibrant emotions that may perhaps be explained in lengthy paragraphs. Artwork are rich in color thus being a treat to an eye while on the other hand have simple vivid strokes which parades a sense of simplicity. The vibrant colors I chooses adds an extra dimension to his art that makes it standout from the rest. I works on vast mediums ranging from traditional paper to digital media thus making me a diverse and a distinctive artist.

A Photographer:
I have a rare eye for elegant details in daily life. I like freezing those wonderful moments through my Photography. My Photography includes various subjects ranging from Portraits to Conceptual. My conceptual photography mainly aims at conveying a global message that his heart strongly believes in.

An Engineer:
This is an interesting one for providing a platform where I can sharing and engaging and collaboration are embraced. We are living Star Trek. Bring on warp speed! I live in the world of ideas and possibilities. Ideas never arrive fully formed. Acquiring and connecting ideas is a skill set. I work well at forging abstract connections. I’m used to blank looks as I try to explain new ideas. I connect dots where others don’t see a pathway. I’m incredibly non-judgemental.

Now based in Bangalore (India),  You can contact me for any new Crazy Ideas or just say Hello in my E-mail Box