Unposted Letter

The minutes spent with you… and then you were gone, you disappeared, you steamed away. Only the thought of the touch of your lips will brings me back to life, your hands call me, your eyes are filled with passion. And I get so tiny and tender. I have never […]

Someday I’ll write about you !!

There are so many things that I want to say to you, but there is no time to get through it all. I could spend the rest of my life telling you how much you mean to me, and I still wouldn’t be able to get through half of it. […]

Dear Admirer

Dear Admirer I’ve been away a while, I Saw many of your Post which made me feel sad, Always remember it, I have given you a great mercy in allowing you for Everything. You know,your soul has an inner current, and if you fight that current, you only hurt yourself. […]

Uncomplicated ,

It’s 4:00 PM not in mood to work sitting in my cubical listening to Shayne ward song “Easy to love you” and I started to listen to the lyrics. “Uncomplicated, You enjoy the simple things … And I said to myself: “it’s an amazing to have someone special in your life; it’s […]

In middle of the Road

“I believe that the Middle of the road is point where you can take best decision, a place not too far from either extreme.  I can’t say I have always followed this, but I think it’s the best way for every condition” Let’s take a dive in the days when […]

Dear Muse

  Dear Muse, I am not exactly sure who to address this to. I’m looking for the source of my doodling inspiration. Historically, there were nine Greek goddesses assigned to this task, but the Greece and their early retirement age, those Muses are probably busy with other things. I consider […]

Love Knows No Boundaries

…Few Years back I met Someone in the city . I am sure you all are familiar with the feeling of- THE SOMEONE, the one that fits just right. We do spent outstanding time together in our imagination. Shared a lot, discovered a lot, grew up and built plans for […]

Time passes, But not fast enough

I tell you goodnight with tears in my eyes, I wish I was there curled up by your side, Time passes, But not fast enough, I try to be strong. But I’m not that tough, When I feel you embrace it will be all right, But my heart aches for […]

May be.. Little Nervous

May be.. Little Nervous.. But She was always Dreamer. She never wanted to live in the real world; she always seemed to be separated from others of her age. They couldn’t understand her or her imagination. She was always thinking outside of the box, breaking rules, and only following what […]

Unknown face

You don’t require to have reason for things attached with your soul. I love people in my life, I don’t require a reason. I share my life, my food, my happiness with UNKNOWN FACE, I don’t need a reason. I rise, live and shine everyday, I don’t need a reason.